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About us

Integrate Investment provides consulting and training for the public and private organizations interested in improving their procurement process.

Integrate Investment was founded in 2004 by Ec. Dr. Violeta Simionescu, MBA. Integrate Investment has evolved constantly and allocated all available resources to the continous development of new services in order to provide our customers with complete solutions, positioning itself as an organization that offers the highest level of quality.

The continued evolution of the organization was largely due to the collaboration with organizations of national and international prestige, which highlighted the high degree of professionalism and competence of our experts.



We offer complete consulting and expert services.


It includes open or in house training sessions, CIPS or CMI certifications.


Our goal is to help customers optimize their procurement costs.

Recruitment services in procurement

We provide services to employers, but also for candidates.


People attended our training sessions out of which 45 attended CIPS guided learning programme


Guides and publications on procurement


Procurement procedures successfully conducted and awarded


Partnerships with high profile academic institutions and top consultancy companies


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